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Metacarpal Fracture Fixation

Phalanx Fracture Fixation

INnate™ Intramedullary Threaded Nail

InFrame™ Intramedullary Micro Nail

  • Non-compressive, dual diameter nail for accurate, intramedullary canal fill
  • Stable fixation
  • Minimally invasive
  • Early, active mobilization
  • 2.0mm diameter for various intramedullary constructs
  • Non-compressive
  • Rotational stability
  • Early, active mobilization

Distal Interphalangeal (DIP) Joint Fusion

ArcPhix™ Angled Compression Screw

  • Functional Flexion
  • Immediate to Early, Active Mobilization
  • Minimally Invasive 
  • Surgical efficiency

Learn about these products at one of our mobile cadaver labs

Our knowledgeable staff will personally come to you and provide a complete surgeon education and cadaver lab training experience within 15 minutes.  

  • On-site at your facility
  • At your convenience
  • Quality, hands-on training
  • Safe, clean environment
  • Learn the latest innovations in hand surgery in 15 minutes!

Dates and Locations*


1/2 - 1/6

San Antonio, TX

Southern California

Baltimore, MD


1/9 - 1/13

Little Rock, AK

Southern California

Northern New Jersey

Ohio & Western PA

1/16 - 1/20

Memphis, TN

Las Vegas, NV

Statten Island / Long Island, NY

1/23 - 1/27

Palm Springs, CA / NSM

NYC / Long Island

Southern Indiana


1/30 - 2/3

Tampa, FL

Northern CA

Philly Area / NJ / Delaware

Detroit / Surrounding Michigan

2/6 - 2/10

Tampa / St. Petersburg, FL

Northern California / ACFAS

Philly Area / NJ / Delaware

If the listed dates and locations do not fit your schedule, please let us know your availability on the registration form. One of our Regional Clinical Directors will reach out to you as quickly as possible to coordinate a date and location that would best accommodate your schedule.

*Dates and locations are subject to change.

Here's what you can expect


Safe, Clean Environment

ExsoMed follows guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure your safety during the cadaver lab. We have implemented enhanced cleaning protocols, and disinfect high-touched surfaces throughout the day and between each lab. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of all equipment, we also limit both the number of persons and time inside the facility to further minimize contact and exposure.

Please be aware that we will perform a brief screening, and ask that you wear a face covering at all times unless otherwise instructed.


Complete Cadaver Lab at Your Front Door

All you need to do is show up! Each ExsoMed mobile lab is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and specimens for a complete training experience:

  • Smart-C Imaging System
  • Power Set
  • Product
  • Installation Kit, including measuring device, K-wires, driver
  • Scalpels and other surgical instruments (osteotomes, mallets, surgical clamps)
  • PPE (mask, gloves, drape, gown)


One-to-One Training

Knowledgeable staff will provide private, personalized training in our mobile lab at your convenience. Ask questions, learn various placement techniques of ExsoMed products, gain hands-on practice. It is like having your own dedicated cadaver lab.

Case Study

Use of the INnate Intramedullary Threaded Nail for Displaced, Spiral Oblique and Transverse Fractures of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Metacarpals

Timothy E. Iorio, MD OhioHealth Physician Group, Columbus, OH

Patient was a 62-year-old right-hand-dominant male laborer who suffered an impact injury to his metacarpals when he fell and inadvertently struck the floor with his left hand. He had a midshaft spiral oblique fracture with displacement to his 3rd metacarpal, a midshaft transverse fracture with displacement to his 4th metacarpal, and a midshaft spiral oblique fracture to his 5th metacarpal. Patient needed stable fixation, rotational alignment, and immediate range of motion (ROM) to get back to work as soon as possible. To learn more about ExsoMed, visit us at

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